Don’t waist your precious time by experimenting with too complex nail art ideas. Instead, you can go for the safe alternatives that guarantee the successful outcome of your manicure session. The following super-simple spring nail art ideas are the real deal if you’re one of those experimental beauty bunnies. Your nails, with both their condition and the way they are decorated, can speak for your personality. In order to flaunt your nail painting talent and cheerful side, combine the different prints and patterns into an eye-popping nail art style. This is one of the time-tested tricks to make sure your style ambitions will not go unnoticed.

If you’re a fan of alternative nail art and would like to try your hand at attention grabbing designs, you’ll have the chance to choose your fave design from this chic selection. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean low key, therefore, these easy-to-handle manicure trends will still offer you the best method to stand out from the crowd. Enhance your nails with a color splash and work on a wider palette to make these nail designs even more intriguing and fascinating. Multi-tonal French nail art, polka dots and animal prints are some of the hottest trends to experiment with.

Natural nails decorated with these dapper designs can be equally impressive as acrylic nails painted with the help of a pro manicurist. Bring out your girly side and save some money and effort by creating your own homemade nail designs. Handiness is the keyword when starting a similar nail painting project. Therefore, practice more to polish your skills until you achieve a higher nail decorator degree. Nail salons will provide you with a multitude of nail style galleries. Still, these examples will help you start your manicurist career from the first and basic steps. Drawing stripes, polka dots and other abstract designs is the first move towards mastering the tricks of nail art. If you’re a fan of no fuss nail designs be sure to have these models at hand.