Search out the most inspiring shades you can use to vamp up your nails. It’s time to start your nail artist career and master the art of painting. The super-simple fall nail art ideas presented below offer a short insight into the lovely manicure models offered by AlexLyndra in her beauty blog.

Check out the simple patterns you can easily copycat using high class nail polish formulas and basic mani tools. This season the beauty buzzword is versatility. Sport a brand new nail design for various events to dazzle your friends and admirers.

Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art

Floral nail art serves as the best patterns to improve your painting skills. Choose a super-thin brush to work on the most sophisticated shapes. Take a closer look at the tiniest details and feel free to combine your favorite shades. Re-invent the classy manicure trends by adding your signature beauty stamp to them. Play with a wider color palette that includes bright, matter and neutral colors. In order to boost the prominence of your statement accessory, you can also add extra details to your manicure. Gemstones, stickers and beads are only some of the most sought-after tools in nail decoration.

Polka Dot Nail Art Crackle Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Polka dots and stripes are also hip prints to juggle with. Nail down the hottest abstract manicure models or you can stick to simple and basic patterns too. Prep for a top-to-toe trans-seasonal makeover. Use your beauty knowledge to choose the most flattering nail length and shape. Keep in mind the essential role the ‘skin tone- nail polish color’ combination plays in the outcome of your manicure session. Say no to monotony by taking a peek at these illustrative and voguish nail designs.

Animal Print Nail Art Domino Nail Art

Image courtesy of AlexLyndra’s blog