Find out the secrets of a perfectly-polished spring look! Arm up your nails with versatile patterns and gorgeous shades which reveal your fondness for up-and-coming beauty trends. The super-cute spring nail art ideas offered by the Bianca Bell Nail Salon Blog flood you with inspiration for your upcoming beauty session. A whole lot of manicurists encourage you to experiment with the ever-evolving nail painting techniques from the industry. Whether you’re fond of hand-painting, gel nails or the use of various accessories, it’s time to go out there and showcase your special skills to envision a unique mani. Combine different patterns and nail polish shades according to your mood and preferences.

Plaid Nail Art Plaid Nail Art Simple Nail Art Plaid Nail Art

Plaid, polka dots and animal prints are only some of the most impressive details you can toy with during your nail painting session. Meet the new season manicure designs which allow you to live out your most adventurous and fun beauty fantasies. Copycat some of these nail models if you want to guarantee your success or you can also steal a few elements from all these manis to combine them into an attention-grabbing and innovative new composition. Use a well-equipped nail kit to add a refined shape to your nails. Pile up on nail varnish formulas which strengthen your nails and guarantee the long-lasting hold of your stylish manicure.

Navy Nail Art Stripes Nail Art Simple Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art

Adopt an open-minded attitude towards nail designs and don’t keep a distance from more complex manicure styles. Put your handiness to a test and try to paint amazing images on your nails. This is one of the secrets to keep your look versatile and worthy-of-admiration. Ensure the up-to-date flair of your manicure by skimming through the latest offer of cosmetic brands which offer a large selection of nail polish shades. From matte tones to cheerful brights you have everything you need to pull off a show-stopping look. Start toying with the idea of using beads, stickers and glittery details to add an extra glam boost to your manicure styles.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art