Add a shot of originality to your look with a mesmerizing manicure design. Draw some inspiration from the super-cute nail art ideas and improve your painting skills with series of beauty sessions.

Pauline from Where is Happiness? provides us with a large parade of funky and flirty manis you can also copycat. Use accessories like beads and stickers to add a sophisticated flair to your party chic look.

Japanese nail art furnish us with the most inspirational and glamorous manicure designs. Those who were always impressed by this modern art have the opportunity to spot a few of the chic Hello Kitty nail art designs. Pay your tribute to this super-cute feline with a personalized mani. 

Decorate your nails with the loveliest animal prints and polka dots. Check out these manicure models that radiate glamor and sophistication.

Live out your wildest painting fantasies and don’t forget about the use of extra details that can further boost the success of your beauty session.

Hello Kitty Nail Art Hello Kitty Nail Art

Hello Kitty Nail Art Glam Nail Art

Use your painting skills and creativity to come up with brand new ideas on how to incorporate fimo pieces and stickers into your nail art. Take a closer look at the tiniest details and don’t be afraid to try your hand at a multitude of manicure techniques.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art

Keep the most complex designs for party events if you wish to make an eye-catching statement with your manicure. On the other hand, you can wear these lovely manis during the boring weekdays only if you’re not afraid to show off your love affair with the newest nail decorating techniques and trends.

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