Put on your hot season look and pay special attention to the tiniest beauty fixes to polish your appearance. Start with your manicure and draw inspiration from the sunny-season easy nail art ideas below.

Lauren from DizzyNails knows how to keep all beauty kittens on their toes. Swap your plain nails for statement accessories following the patterns offered by this talented beauty blogger. Who can resits the eye-popping shades and oh-so-popular prints you can apply to your nails with no difficulties? Think big when it comes to your mani and offer the best blueprint for an A-lister look.

Metallic Nail Art Green Nail Art Pastel Nail Art Konad Nail Art

Want to show off your style-consciousness? Here’s the best trick to do it! Try your hand at the numerous manicure designs offered by the most creative beauty bloggers from the world. Draw inspiration from the DIY and simple patterns to put your nail painting skills to a fab test. Arm yourself up with a high street nail kit and prep your nails for the ultimate style-over. We love the abstract and colorful prints that add a modern twist to your look. Add a shot of versatility to your party appearance by tinting your nails with pastels or, on the contrary, eye-popping neon shades.

Blue Nail Art Glittery Nail Art Glittery Nail Art Glittery Nail Art

Blend the different shades into a fab composition to make sure you flaunt your nail painting talent. Work with glitters and other nail accessories to increase your chances for ultimate success. Look hot all throughout the hot season sporting the coolest glittery glam and inspiring manicure trends. Keep an eye on the innovative nail decorating techniques and enjoy the multitude of alternatives you have to bring out the most of your short or long acrylic nails. Pick the manicure designs that suit your beauty skills and are enlisted in the stylish repertoire of DizzyNails. The newest nail polish collections will provide you with a large set of hues to work with.

Lace Nail Art Glittery Nail Art Glittery Nail Art Crackle Nail Art

Image courtesy of DizzyNails