The beauty scene has been ‘showered’ with pretty nail art designs that compliment the current fashion trends to the point that pretty polished nails have become a definite must have. The power of perfectly pigmented digits is undeniable, so make sure you underline and complete your fashionable look by wrapping your nails in the hottest designs and nail lacquers. There are a myriad of stylish designs to draw inspiration from, but if you wish to keep your nails looking up-to-date, take a peek at the following nail art designs for summer 2012 and draw inspiration for your new manicure.

Whether you’re into prepping your own nails to perfection or you’re more comfortable having your nails done by a professional, the following nail art designs stand as a perfect source of inspiration, so grab on to your nail art utensils or make an appointment to give your nails a total style-over.

The summer 2012 season is placing a heavy accent on pretty polka dots and exotic prints, so opt for these flirty textures if you wish to keep things chic and relaxed. Create pretty polka dots in various sizes, whether tiny dots or oversized polka dots as the result will be equally stylish. Use a dotting tool or a simple toothpick dipped in nail polish to achieve perfectly rounded dots as perfection is a must when it comes to this type of design. White, gold or prety pastel polka dots are the best hues to experiment with as these colors are on top of the color charts this summer. When it comes to underlining your wild side, pretty leopard print motifs colored in the traditional brown/black hues or featuring a more modern and fun approach by using pretty pastels can pose as a great idea when it comes to a sizzling, fresh-looking manicure, so give your fav patterns a try and let your nails steal the spotlight!

If you’re looking for ultra sophisticated looking nail art designs, add-ons are the solution to turn towards. There are numerous nail art accessories that can be easily used to spice up the look of your nails, so explore all the options and let your nails steal the attention with their intricate design. Pretty pearls, rhinestones, gold details, 3D acrylic details are the most popular nail art accessories to choose from, and they can instantly give your nails an extra dose of hotness and sophistication, so choose your favs and mix them to create a totally unique mani that is all about you.

If you wish to keep things feminine chic but more laid back, a floral print mani or a pretty lace application can be all you need to boost the stylish allure of your digits. You can adorn your nails with these flirty details whether our nails are wrapped in a monochrome nail polish or if you’re rocking a cool color mix. Go wild or go soft and choose the perfect technique to create these pretty nail art motifs as you can opt for nail art stamps, nail art stickers or hand-painted designs since all of them give fab results!

Photos courtesy of Gold Digger Nails