Nail artists have gone over the top with their creations as when it comes to nail art designs, the possibilities seem endless and choosing from a vast array of fab nail art designs is never easy. However, if you want to make a statement, turn your attention towards stylish theme nail art designs as they have a high visual impact and will surely make jaws drop. The following nail art designs created by talented nail art blogger Sumiejeny exude sophistication and style and can be recreated in an array of colors, depending on personal preference.

There is an array of stylish theme nail art designs that will seem a bit challenging if you’re all about doing your own mani, but thankfully there are numerous nail art tools and products that aim to make nail art a super fun and easy experience.

Cartoon Inspired Nail Art

If you wish to give your nails a fairytale-like allure, turn your attention towards cartoon themes as there are plenty to choose from. Hello Kitty, Nemo, the Easter Bunny since Easter is just around the corner, are only a few great characters to draw inspiration from. Because using acrylic paint to recreate the designs requires a high dose of drawing talent you can opt for the easier way to perfectly polished nails by turning to nail art stickers as they are easy to use, they provide a long lasting finish and come in an array of designs. Apply the sticker on dry nail polish or on your bare nail, add a bit of glitter or spike-up the design by adding a few elements that suit your style and seal the design with a clear top coat. The results are instant and fabulous, so pick up your favorite designs and start styling.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs

Butterflies look amazing especially when created on your perfectly polished nails as they have a flirty feminine allure that instantly catches the eye. There are so many ways to achieve stylish butterfly designs that you’ll be able to have plenty of fun prepping your nails to perfection, so opt to give acrylic paint a try as well as nail art stickers and Konad nail art stamps. Add butterflies on monochrome colored nails, on a French manicure or on an ombre nail art style as they look great regardless of the effect chosen. Go bold or go subtle by creating/adding as many butterflies as you desire as nothing is too much when it comes to contemporary nail art.

Accentuate your femininity and elegance by creating a lovely floral motif on your nails as there are so many styles to choose from, it’s crazy. Whether tiny, oversized, multi-colored or monochrome, floral nail art designs will manage to impress, so dare to experiment and take your nails to another level.

Floral Motifs