Take advantage of the opportunity the summer season offers and polish your nails to perfection using the hottest bright pigments beautifully displayed in the trendiest patterns. 

Details are the ones that make a difference when it comes to style and nail art is one of the most important aspects to consider as their beauty boosting properties are well known, so make sure you’re always underlining your fashion forward style by sporting stylish summer nail art designs. 

If you’re out of ideas, take a peek at the following nail art styles and recreate the looks perfectly or put your own spin on the design to achieve a totally new look.

The most important thing to consider when prepping your nails to perfection is the color you’re using as not all pigments have made it to the fashion scene and not all nail lacquer hues suit your skin tones. 

This summer, pretty pastels, red and neons are the pigments that steal the spotlight, so grab on to your favorite tones and mash them up to achieve a fun, colorful mani.

If you’re feeling the summer vibe and you’re looking for a fun and flirty nail art design to go along with your mood, opt for a fun, fruity, ombre or printed pattern nail art style. Most of the designs look best if you use stickers instead of using a nail art brush to handpaint the desired design, so if you’re not looking to spend tens of minutes drawing the tiniest details on your digits, run to a professional nail art store and pick up your fav nail art stickers. If you’re interested in DIY designs, use precision brushes to trace out the details and choose acrylic paint as this way you’ll be able to have more control without any dripping. For the ombre nail art designs use a sponge and apply a bit of nail polish on one end before you will gently press the sponge on a paper multiple times (5-6) to distribute the nail lacquer uniformly. Then press the color from the sponge on your nail before switching the color and repeating the process. To get the ombre effect you must slightly overlap the colors as you create the multi-tonal nail art design to get a more interesting, professional look.

Floral nail art designs are the easiest to achieve and depending on the pattern you’re looking to achieve, there are different techniques to try. For roses you can use a nail art needle which you’ll use to mix a few nail polish dots you’ve strategically placed on your nail. If you’re looking for multi chromatic, oversized floral prints, you can either choose acrylic paint in which you will dip a nail art brush (¼ in one color, ¾ in another hue) before creating precision loops that will create the multi-chromatic flower petals or you can choose the easy way and opt for stickers or dry flowers. The contour of the petals and other details are created using a very thin nail art brush.

Stripes, polka dots and 3D accessories, especially rhinestones and tiny gold pearls are super popular as they give that extra sophisticated, glamor look to your nails. Rhinestones look fab on colored nail polish, French nails, any style, so distribute them as you desire as the effect will be fab either way. Seal the nail polish design with a clear top coat if you’re looking for a shiny, more refined look and an overall longer lasting nail art design as this is the ace up any professional nail artist’s sleeve, so pick up your favorite nail lacquers, nail art brushes and let your imagination run wild to create head-turning nail art designs that are all about you!

Photos courtesy of Smooth Nail