The new season is bringing an array of fab flirty and fun colors into our attention especially when it comes to nails and nail art. If you’re ready to give your nails a total makeover, turn your attention towards the following stylish pastel nail art designs created by nail art blogger EsnailGG

The vast array of soft and high pigmented vivacious nail polishes enable you to create a myriad of amazingly detailed nail art designs that are sure to become a magnet for attention this summer season. 

Experimenting with various nail art designs can help you discover the ones that suit your personality best, so start off with simple designs and progress to sophisticated multicolored motifs that will underline your fashion-forward style.

Start off simple and opt for a trendy colorful French tip manicure that features some of the most en-vogue nail polish shades. Whether you choose to apply a monochrome hue on each nail or you opt for a cool color mix, your nails will look super hot, so think pink, turquoise, white, vivacious green, yellow, orange, lavender, purple as any warm tone hue will help you achieve the look you’re aiming for. 

Glitter and various add-ons can take your nails out of the ordinary, giving them a more glamorous allure that never fails.

If you’re not too skilled when it comes to DIY nail art designs, don’t panic as simple coated nails can too look super fabulous if you turn towards the following tips and tricks. Use a different color on each nail, use a piece of scotch tape to create a stylish striped pattern, use a regular nail polish on the majority of the nails and on the ring fingers or on any other fingers you desire, apply a heavy coat of glitter nail polish. Add-ons such as rhinestones, soft stripes and flower motifs will spice-up the look of your nails, so dare to experiment and mix your favorite pastels.

Another great method to update your mani using pastels or any other color clashing hues is by mixing the hues using a marbling nail art tool. Combine intricate marbled details with monochrome nails to get a cool asymmetric and sophisticated nail art look that will capture attention. Apply soft lines of glitter, rhinestones or any other details that come to your mind as sophistication has taken over the manicure scene this 2012 summer season.

Photos courtesy of EsnailGG