Fabulous looking nails featuring the season’s hottest nail lacquers displayed intricately with the help of various nail art designs have become of crucial importance for fashion and beauty enthusiasts, so make sure you underline your fashion-forward personality by prepping your nails to perfection this year. There is an array of stylish nail art designs for summer to draw inspiration from, so browse through the following selection of nail art designs created by Reari Nail Salon and pick the designs that suit your style perfectly.

Your options are limitless when it comes to your nails as are the techniques you can turn towards to achieve stylish nail art designs, so grab on to your favorite nail art tools, accessories and nail lacquer hues and let your imagination run wild. Choose to recreate the following designs exactly or add your own touch to the designs to achieve a unique manicure that will be all about you.

Graphic patterns created using color clashing hues can help achieve an eclectic manicure that has the power to stand out and steal the spotlight at every event. The most popular graphic details to experiment with this summer are lace, marbled effects, kisses, butterflies, stylish lines and animal prints, so mix these patters to achieve a gorgeous looking manicure every time. Asymmetric nail art designs are packed with an edgy vibe that will surely make your nails stand out, so dare to experiment with a different design on every nail.

If you’re not that much into edgy-vibe nail art designs, you can give your nails a more unique yet totally romantic, lady-like vibe by experimenting with softer hues and patters such as floral motifs and pretty polka dots. Pastel animal prints are too adorable, so choose to adorn all your nails with these stylish nail art designs or simply your ring fingers and/or your thumbs.

A relatively simple nail art design that exudes style and glamor can be easily achieved using a pastel nail polish and a bit of glitter. Silver and gold glitter are the most popular hues to experiment with but other hues will do just fine. Create a simple French-tip manicure using your favorite pastel hue or coat your entire nails with the color and spice up the look of your nails by adding a little bit of glitter to the nails. A blinged-up manicure will always look glamorous, so experiment with a different manicure every week!