When it comes to the beauty of your nails, you should definitely not hold back as there is definitely an array of fantastic looking nail color products that await to be shaped according to your preferences and since there are numerous nail art designs to choose from, picking a stylish nail art design will be a breeze.

Just like the fashion scene, the nail art scene is subjected to changes and influences, so this season the options range from opulent to glitzy glam to Gothic and in between, so the chances you’re not going to find something to compliment your style are slim.

So, if you’re ready to give your nails a style-over, check out the following trendy nail art designs for fall and use your favorite autumnal pigments to recreate or create your own unique nail art pattern.

Add-ons are not going out of style as these products help add effortless sophistication to the nail and the options are incredibly diverse hence the products cover a wide color range and vast shape and texture options. From rhinestones to pretty tiny gold pearls, gold studs and other fabulous gems, you can select the items that you feel most comfortable wearing and shape them as your heart desires. 

Get creative and style fun geometric shapes, cross shapes (very popular)or any other random motif that comes to mind as the sky is the limit when it comes to nail art!

If you’ve already checked out the fall 2012 fashion tendencies, you’re not going to be surprised by the abundance of glitter that took over the nail art scene. The opulent and the baroque styles have dominated the podiums and these styles require an equally fabulous nail art to finish-up the look of the modern woman, so pay attention to details and enhance your digits using the most intense glitters you can find. Go monochrome, multi-chromatic, all glitter or asymmetric using a creamy or matter nail lacquer mixed with glitter application on every other nail as the option is yours.

A half moon manicure will add a touch of style and elegance to your nails and overall look, so no wonder that this type of mani has reached such high popularity. Get creative and opt for a duo color half moon mani as this way your nails will pack that edginess that has the power to make traffic stop. Seal your stylish nail art using a clear top coat to enhance the glossiness and prolong the duration of your mani as the longer your digits are polished to perfection, the longer you’ll feel like a true diva!

Photos courtesy of Sanoshingo