Minimize your beauty salon visits by learning the simple nail art trends for fall below. Master the art of nail painting with a few easy-to-handle and creative projects to create a stunning manicure. Go from plain to gorgeous by building up a party-perfect look.

A super-stylish look screams for perfectly polished nails. Learn more about these fab manicure designs that can add the extra sparkle to your appearance. Radiate high class and a refined beauty taste by sporting nail polish shades that suit your skin tone.

Depending on your mood and on the event, select the most suitable manicure trend. In need of gorgeous mani ideas take a peek at the A-list nail design repertoire from the AllYouDesire nail blog. The beauty blog tames the cravings of all beauty kittens for funky and fresh nail art ideas you can also copycat.

Orange Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Purple Nail Color Glittery Nail Art

Learn the secret of getting the newest manicure trends in a budget-friendly way. There's no need to visit a pro salon if you have the handiness and ambition to paint your nails using a properly equipped nail kit. Check out these nail designs packed with attitude that can attract immediate attention. Statement nail art is perfect to add the extra-bouncy effect to your look. On the other hand, if classy is your stuff, opt for minimalist nail painting alternatives. This review enlists few of the most impressive mani styles you can experiment with.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Flag Nail Art Floral Nail Art

For an enviable manicure you can try your hand at the oh-so-popular crackle nails and colorful stickers. These modern beauty trends will turn your nails into statement accessories. Refuse to blend into the crowd and find the perfect color combo that allows you to pull off a memorable and sight-pampering manicure. Use extra accessories as glitter and lace to show the perfect blueprint for a too-hot-to-handle nail design.

Blue Crackle Nail Art Pink Crackle Nail Art Green Crackle Nail Art Black and Gold Crackle Nail Art

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