Give optical extras to your block-colored manicure with the help of the most popular prints. Polka dots, stripes and other patterns will teach you how to attract attention with your versatile look. If you consier that there’s still room for development, skim through these simple and smart nail art ideas offered by Haley on her inspiring LCQR N B33R blog. Share your fondness for challenging nail designs with other aspiring manicurists from all over the world. Let your nails speak for your beauty-consciousness.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

These manicure designs are colorful and will motivate you to learn the basics and the more complex techniques of nail painting. Mix zillion different shades to bring out the most of your skin tone and nail length. Light shades will attract immediate attention whereas darker ones can inject a myserious and subtle elegance into your appearance. Burst onto the dancefloor like a real star with your perfectly polished manicure. It’s your time to shine through the crowd and offer the perfect blueprint for a dazzling beauty update.

Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Work with glitter, beads, stickers and other details to discover the benefits of these decorative elements. The alternatives of nail sculpting are endless. The shape and length of your nails will determine the visual impact you’ll create with your mani. Consider your purpose of either adding length or stealing from the prominence of your fingers. Save money by doing your own nail design with the help of these amazing and simple nail art examples offered by Haley.

Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art

Image courtesy of LCQR N B33R