Professional manicurists masterfully play with the hottest shades and prints of the moment. These show-stopping spring nail art ideas illustrate how painting techniques developed all throughout the years. Beginning with simple two-tone and mono-chromatic manicure designs nail artists managed to get to the point where there are no limitations in chromatic options and patterns. Check out the amazing parade of inspiring manicures offered by the Nail Salon Storovo Blog. Draw inspiration from the playful or more elegant examples you can also experiment with. If this is a new territory for you, purchase a well-equipped manicure kit and start practicing.

Spring Nail Art Idea Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art

Isn’t these technicolor manicure designs simply amazing? See how bold and bright hues create a fabulous and harmonious visual effect. Combine your favorite neon or pastel tones to pull off a versatile nail art style. Have fun while experimenting with the mix and matching of different hues. Add a punkish vibe to your outfit by teaming up vibrant colors with gorgeous prints. However, if you want to take a more romantic twist on the multi-tonal manicure, you can glam up your nails with pearls, beads and glittery details.

Furthermore, you can accentuate your sensual side with floral patterns which look simply mesmerizing when applied on both short and long, attention-grabbing nails. Stick to vintage style nail designs if you’re fond of this cult fashion trend. However, you can also inject a modern flair into your nail art with statement elements like studs, nail jewelries and wraps. Let these voguish nail models serve as the best source of inspiration for your upcoming mani session.

Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas

Give your co-fashionistas a lesson on versatile manicure designs. Cover all the ‘it’ trends in nail painting from animal prints, the oh-so-cute Hello Kitty manicures and floral nail art. Take the center stage by preparing for special and casual events with a brand new nail design. Decide how modern or classy you want your mani to be and look for the best accessories and nail polish shades you could use to achieve your latest beauty goals. Take a tour on this amazing nail art blog to find other inspiring and original nail art designs.

Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas