Women are becoming more and more addicted to have their manicure done. It is not a bad thing because beautiful manicured nails can help change the appearance of a person, making her look more groomed and sophisticated.

Nail art has become more and more popular and it has grown very much since artificial nails were invented. Nail art can be performed on natural nails, gel nails or acrylic nails, depending on each person’s preference and design request.

As the nail industry evolved, more and more sophisticated designs have been made possible, from precise nail painting to 3 dimensional nail art.

Nails can be now decorated with ceramic figurines, figurines which are becoming more and more radical. We can see jewelery placed on the nails to create elegant and sophisticated radical nails, nails which surely cannot pass unnoticed.

nail art

Japanese are one of the most inventive people when it comes to nail art designs. Their designs are becoming more and more drastic, almost display like nails. It appears that nail artists are competing with each other to create these unbelievable, almost unrealistic nail designs.

Women seem to have fallen in love with this unique way of manicuring nails, and they are going overboard with it. Some celebrities are competing against each other when it comes to nail art like Japanese celebrities Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki.

nail art design

Opinions vary when it comes to choosing a nail design because people are different, thus like different things. Some would like simple designs, some would like sophisticated, over the top, unique nails. This is why it is your option and you can make your own choice when it comes to nail design.

Make your own design or choose one from the nail artists portfolio to upgrade your nails to a radical look. Keep in mind that your nails will attract more attention the more unique they are.