The new season is all about fabulous looking nails, so if you’re ready to have fun while polishing your nails to perfection, take a peek at the following quick and easy delicious apples nail art tutorial created by talented nail art enthusiast Cutepolish and learn how to make your nails look mouthwatering in minutes.

The sky is the limit when it comes to nail art as nail art bloggers and nail artists have pushed the borders to nail art to the point nothing seems impossible, thus there is no reason for which you should avoid polishing your nails to perfection as there is an array of fab nail art styles that range from simple to uber-sophisticated.

Because not everyone is skilled at creating wonders with a nail art brush and because time is always an issue, you can direct your attention towards fab nail art designs that don’t require too much skill, designs such as the delicious apples nail art design, a cool pattern that is bound to steal attention regardless of your age.

To create this oh-so-fabulous quick and easy apples nail art you will need the following tools:

your fave red/yellow/green nail polish to create the apple shapes

brown nail polish or acrylic paint for the apple stems

dotting tool or detailing nail art brush

clear top coat

Start by creating the apple shapes using your desired color nail polish on bare nails or over a base coat if you wish as either way the results will be fabulous. Create two asymmetric oval shapes that cover completely the tip of the nail and allow the nail polish to dry. You can create the color centered or on the side of the nail depending on personal preference and once the polish has dried create the apple stems using the brown colored nail polish using the dotting tool or the acrylic paint using the nail art detailing brush. This way you’ll be able to do precision strokes that offer flawless results with barely any effort.

Next, dip the dotting tool in a bit of green nail polish and create an elongated oval shape to style the apple leaves on, close to the stem and slightly overlapping the apple’s color. Keep in mind that if the nail polish you used to style the delicious apples isn’t dry, the two nail lacquers will mix and the result will not be the one you’re looking for. Wait for the nail polish to dry before you move on to the last step, sealing the pretty apples nail art using a clear top coat to prevent chipping and enhance the shine of the nail and get ready to flaunt your fab nails for everyone to admire!

Snapshots via Cutepolish YouTube