Finally the summer season is right around the corner and that means no more dark and boring hues but all brights and pretty pastels. The new season has brought into our attention an array of fabulous pastel hues that will make the delice of your style whether it’s fashion or nail art you’re talking about. Get into the seasonal spirit by matching your nails to your stylish new season outfits, so browse through the following selection of pretty pastel nail art designs and draw inspiration for your next manicure. Draw inspiration from the following selection of nail art designs created by Sapporo-nailsalon-luce and make heads turn.

There is an array of amazing nail art designs to choose from, designs which can be enhanced through the use of pretty pastel hues and there are so many colors to choose from. The best thing about pastels is that they compliment all skin tones, so dare to experiment and envelop your nails in a lovely fun and flirty-vibe that will not be overlooked.

Color Block Pastels

Do the best you can to prep your nails to perfection by opting for cool color clashing hues. Whether you choose to opt for a different color on each or every other nail or you choose to go a bit even more edgy opting for a fab color clashing nail art design, you will steal the spotlight. Use glossy pigmented nail polish hues to create various designs such as ombre nail art, marbled effects, graphic details, you name it as the possibilities are endless.

Pastel Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are not only popular but they are also very elegant and can suit various occasions, from casual to formal. Due to the vast array of floral motifs out there you’ll have a blast each time styling up your nails to perfection, so opt to hand paint the designs using acrylic paint or choose the easy way out if you’re not too skilled at doing your own manicure by going for floral stickers, dry flowers or floral stamps created in your favorite pastel hues. Apply the floral patterns on clear nail polish or over a cool contrasting, complimenting nail polish that suits your personality perfectly, as either way the results will be fantastic.

Graphic Details

Graphic details might be the most difficult details to achieve when it comes to a contemporary manicure, but the result is well worth the effort. Practice is the key to success when it comes to graphic details, so experiment with stylish stripes, marbled effects, stars, polka dots and hearts. Mix and match various patterns or go uniform depending on how you’re feeling at the moment. Choose to spike things up a bit by adding glitter, rhinestones or 3D add-ons to your mani, so you can emphasize the glam effect and statement style of your manicure, detail which will make them stand out even more.