The world of fashion and nail art collided like never before these past couple of years as professional manicurists and nail enthusiasts have helped push the boundaries to new terrains. 

The possibilities are endless and that can make choosing the right design quite difficult. 

Each year certain designs and hues occupy the top preference spot and become seasonal must haves for true fashionistas, so make sure you make the perfect choice every time by experimenting with a new pretty summer nail art design.

Because you can achieve perfect looking nails without turning towards expensive manicure sessions, we’ve selected some pretty looking nail art ideas to draw inspiration from, designs that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home with a minimal investment. 

These designs created at Nail Salon Mily will ensure your nails are party-ready at all times, so check them out and recreate your favorite motifs.

If you love flashy nails, go wild with color as this season pretty pastels and gorgeous neons are the top choices. Go for ombre colored nails, asymmetric color nails, color blocking effects and animal prints as these details will make your nails pop. 

Creamy finish nail lacquers look best if you wish to give your nails a fresh, summery vibe, and there are so many hues to choose from you’ll end up making endless color combinations that never fail. Spice up your stylish mani by adding a bit of glitter, whether monochrome or multi-chromatic as glitzy-glam details are hot and work perfectly with the new season fashion trends.

Variety dominates the fashion scene this year so no wonder that we can find totally opposite hues to the ones mentioned earlier, hues that managed to exude an unmatchable dose of elegance. Nude is the definite must try this season, so give nude tone nail lacquers a try and let them work their magic. Nude-beige, nude-brown and nude-pink tones are the most popular, so glam up your nails with these hues by going for a nude and black colored nail art or a nude and glitter (copper, gold, silver work best) as there is nothing to hold you back when it comes to design. Another fab and timeless manicure is the French manicure, but to achieve a more personalized style give your French style mani an upgrade by experimenting with a duo chromatic, asymmetric style French manicure.

Add-ons and pretty polka dots are also a perfect option for fashionistas who love to make their nails pop. Rhinestones, 3D details, dry flowers are only a few nail art accessories to experiment with, so dare to push yourself to experiment with bolder yet still feminine manicure designs as it’s only nail polish you’re playing with and any mistake can be easily corrected with nail polish remover!