The importance of perfectly polished nails has been well underlined this year, so if you’re a true fashionista, make sure your nails are looking fabulous at all times. There is an array of gorgeous nail art designs to draw inspiration from, designs that can suit women with different personalities and styles and that follow the latest trends in color, so if you’re ready to give your nails a style-over, take a peek at the following pretty nail art ideas for summer signed Fiore Nail Salon and try to recreate your favorite styles.

The new nail art tools and techniques developed aim to make nail art a delight by minimizing the time needed to create sophisticated nail art designs as well as by simplifying the creation process of certain motifs.

This season give your nails a summery allure by turning towards the help of pretty pastel nail lacquers. Pastel colors have a certain warmth that can instantly install good mood and bring a smile on your face, so choose a color that you love and let your imagination run wild. Choose colored French tips, floral motifs, ombre colored nails, you name it as the options are endless. Go monochrome or opt for a color blocking design depending on what suits your personality best as either way your nails will look superb.

This year pretty polka dots are super popular and can help you achieve a myriad of pretty chic nail art designs. Choose to experiment with tiny or oversized polka dots, glittery, monochrome or multi-tonal dots, all over or subtle polka dots as the options are endless. To achieve perfectly rounded dots using your favorite nail lacquer use a professional nail art dotting tool or improvise and use a toothpick instead. Seal the polka dots created on your fav nail polish using a top coat as this will give the nail art a shiny, long lasting glam effect.

Color matching is also a definite must if you’re all about statement nails and you can achieve a multi-tonal nail art design that will make heads turn by either mixing various hues on a nail or by opting for a different nail polish on each nail. Choose hues that are from the same color palette or go wild and play with contrasting hues to achieve a cool and edgy looking manicure. Add your touch to the design so you can sport a unique mani with every occasion, a mani that will turn you into a nail art queen.