Nail art designs are a must nowadays as there are a variety of cool new techniques and products which can be used to boost the beauty of the hands and nails. These techniques have allowed the development of various nail art designs which look absolutely amazing so if you are looking for some of the prettiest 2012 nail designs, inspire yourself from the following styles as they all look fabulous.

You can create these designs on your own with the right nail products or turn towards a professional and have the design recreated. Either way some skill is required when creating a fabulous cool nail art design for 2012, as this year “less is more” does not apply.

Gold Glitter French Tips Nail ArtNail Art by MimiNailerAnimal Print French Tips Nail ArtNail Art by MimiNailerGems Nail Art IdeasNail Art by MimiNailerCool Nail Art with GemsNail Art by Nailism

Rhinestones, gems, glitter as well as acrylic details look amazing and can give your nails a more sophisticated look. Rhinestone applications couldn’t be easier, but creating an acrylic detail on your nails such as a flower or a bow is quite difficult and requires some skill as well as professional nail art products which help shape and harden the acrylic. These nail art designs look amazing and have a fun, feminine look which is perfect for a variety of occasions.

Painted nails are too one of the hottest trends in 2012 when it comes to nail art designs and there are a variety of nail art brushes which you can use to paint fabulous designs on your nails. Acrylic paint is used to create the fab new nail designs and the results are absolutely amazing. You can incorporate glitter into your design as well as rhinestones to give the nails a more glamorous look.

2012 Nail Art DesignsNail Art by MimiNailer2012 Nail Art TrendsNail Art by MimiNailerPretty Pink Purple Nail ArtNail Art by Nail Salon Daisy80s Neon Nail ArtNail Art by MimiNailer

Stiletto shaped nails featuring fabulous hand painted designs as well as glitter insertions look amazing and are the definite must try if gel nails appeal to you. Gel nails will last up to 4 weeks and the design will last without retouches. Gel nails are highly popular and rounded, shorter nails are the newest trend when it comes to nail shape. Keep in mind however that you have to maintain these nails in good condition and turn to a professional nail art technician to get the desired results!

Photo courtesy of MimiNailer, Nailism, Nail Salon Daisy