We can’t help ourselves but smile when we browse through the latest nail art designs created by nail art enthusiasts and each season new innovative manicure styles are unveiled. There are numerous pretty nail art designs to try, designs that don’t require necessarily a professional touch as weekly manicure sessions can be quite expensive when you draw the line at the end of the month. Fortunately, nail art bloggers are more than happy to share their wonderful ideas with others, so take things slowly and start experimenting with nail art designs that look super pretty and that won’t steal too much of your precious time.

Pretty pastels are definitely the season’s must try colors this summer and their warmth make them perfect for day to evening wear. Avoid coating your nails with just a single color and choose to glam up your digits with flirty graphic details. Gorgeous floral motifs, trendy polka dots and fabulous heart applications seem to have boomed in popularity this season, so grab on to a dotting tool or a toothpick, a thin brush or 3D floral details that you can easily glue on your nails and make the best out of your favorite seasonal nail polishes. Go monochrome or choose to mash-up contrasting hues to achieve an eclectic mani that is bound to steal the spotlight at any event.

Neon nail varnishes have hit the shelves of popular nail care brands as the hot season requires bold, statement colors to underline style especially when it comes to women who are not afraid of color. Neon green, yellow, fuchsia, bright orange are only a few fab hues to spice up the look of an outfit. Use your favorite neon nail polishes and achieve the ultimate party manicure by giving ombre effects, marbled effects as well as asymmetrically colored nail lacquers a try. Keep thinks simple as the rich pigments are all your digits need to look hot or add even more edge to your mani by overlapping the color with cool and trendy graphic prints.

Another easy way to update your mani and give it an extra dose of hotness is by experimenting with cool glitter nail polishes. Go asymmetric and coat each nail in a different hue or infuse a glittered lacquer through monochrome matte/creamy textured nail polishes. Go monochrome with your nail lacquer or give water nail art a try as you can easily achieve the coolest marbled effect nails. Rhinestones and glitter go perfectly together, so don’t hesitate to go wild with glitzy glam details as nothing is too much when it comes to pretty perfect nails, so start styling and let your nail shine at any event!

Photos courtesy of Nailsgogo2