Get your nails looking pretty this holiday season with the help of numerous nail art designs that range from simple to sophisticated as the nail art scene has been packed with new nail art designs that scream perfection.

Perfectly polished nails have become a must nowadays for true fashionistas as it’s the small details that can make a difference when it comes to style and manicured nails have a huge impact over the physical appearance although they might seem at first as an insignificant detail.

For the holiday season, your nails will have to shine to look up-to-date and you can easily achieve the trendy look by recreating the following pretty holiday nail art designs as they range from simple to sophisticated so you can adapt your manicure to your style and mood.

Flirty, highly visible details created using a contrasting nail polish applied on bare nails or over your favorite nail color base create a modern nail art designs with an edge.

These details can be achieved through various techniques and using numerous products from nail polish to acrylic and glitter flakes. 

This holiday season neutral tone nail lacquers featuring either glitzy-glam rhinestones or subtly colored details can be the perfect choice for those who want a more elegant, ladylike manicure that suits all occasions. The color and details can be displayed in various patterns, so opt for half-moon, oblique patterns, geometrical patterns or whatever design you feel comfortable sporting.

If you’re leaning towards glitter details, tiny or oversized, it is best to apply the flakes individually on wet nail polish in the desired pattern. If you’re turning towards acrylic paint or nail polish created details, apply the contrasting color over your fave nail color applied on the base only after the nail polish has completely dried.

Geometrical designs featuring a bright colored nail polish mix can be the perfect option for the honeys that love sophistication. Smash-up your favorite nail polishes featuring the trendiest autumnal pigments and contour the outline of the hues using a detailing brush dipped in white, gold, silver or black nail polish/acrylic paint. Opt for asymmetric designs so your nails will not look too bold and play with various textures to emphasize glamor and innovation. Seal your nail art using a clear top coat to protect the design and enhance the shine of your digits, making them glossier and perfect for an all-glam holiday look!

Photos courtesy of Trois-Nail