The new trends in fashion have impacted the nail art scene bringing to the surface new and innovative nail art designs that have the power to define your new season style to perfection, so if you’re ready to give your nails a total makeover, take a peek at the following pretty nail art designs and select the ones that you feel suit your personality best.

The option are vast as with such a wide range of nail polish hues, nail art tools and accessories available mixing and matching is a breeze, so no wonder that nail techs and nail art enthusiasts have managed to push the boundaries to extremes with their new creations. From relatively simplistic to uber-sophisticated, the possibilities are limitless, so draw inspiration from the following fab nail art patterns and get your digits looking amazing.

Graphic motifs can be the perfect patterns to experiment with if you wish to take an edgy, eye catching approach with your manicure and since there are so many options out there, select the graphic styles that suit your style best.

Go reptilian, marbled, lacy or any other style that you feel would suit your personality as the options are vast. Experiment with the hues that you love as from royal blue to gray, pink and nudes, any autumnal pigments will do the job.

Keep in mind that a sophisticated looking manicure will require a little bit of patience, skill and time for styling, but the results are well worth the effort, so dare to go bolder and experiment with hypnotic styles that will definitely turn you into a nail art diva.

If you’re looking for a totally cool manicure that will not pose a challenge for you, turn your attention towards water-manicure as this technique is not only fun, it’s super easy to master. Mash-up your favorite pigments by dripping them into a glass of water and introduce the fingers that you wish the nail lacquer mix to adhere to. You can apply the fab color mix on all your fingers or every other finger as asymmetric nail art designs are still in vogue.

However, if you’re looking for something even simpler, you can choose to give add-ons, glitter and overlapping layers a try. Use precision strokes to layer in various patterns your favorite sheer pigments, use rhinestones to enhance the intense pigmentation of your favorite nail lacquer or simply dab your brush in a bit of glitter dust or glitter flakes and apply the glitzy-glam product on wet nail polish. The options are incredibly vast, so get creative and make the best out of your digits as perfectly polished nails are a definite must this new season!

Photos courtesy of Yosuyasaganuki