The new season is all about perfectly polished nails, but if you wish to keep your nails looking hot without having to spend quite a high sum on expensive manicure sessions, it’s advised you turn your attention towards pretty DIY nail art designs that will make you the nail art queen at every party. The great thing about nail art is that most of them can be achieved through simple techniques that deliver quick and lovely results, so make sure you have the ace up your sleeve by learning the best tricks to pretty perfect colored nails.

There are a multitude of gorgeous nail art designs to choose from that are not too complicated to create on your own, so take a peek at the following pretty DIY nail art designs created by Surfshack and start styling.

Give your nails a funky vibe by mixing and matching your favorite nail polish hues to achieve a cool tie-dye, marbled or ombre effect that will make traffic stop. Although these effects seems quite challenging to achieve, they are actually quite easy to create. With the right tools you can create an eclectic nail art designs that will suit your bubbly personality perfectly, so grab on to a nail art needle and various color nail polishes as they are essential when it comes to these manicures. Apply from each of your preferred nail polishes a dot of lacquer on your nail, close to one another and use the nail art needle to mix the colors, thus creating a super styling color mix effect that will definitely capture all the attention. Achieve an ombre effect by applying a colored nail polish to the tip of the nail and gently diffuse the lacquer upwards to create a fading effect that catches the eye. Another great way to achieve a marbled effect on your nails is by turning towards water nail art as this is an innovative way to do your manicure and achieve flawless and instant results if you’re not too skilled in doing intricate nail art designs.

The simplest way to spice up your manicure is by turning towards stylish polka dots which are super popular when it comes to nail art this year. All you need to create perfect, round shaped polka dots is a nail art dotting tool or a toothpick and two contrasting color nail polish. You can also use glitter dots or add-ons if you’re all into glam manicures as the effect achieved is similar and easier at the same time. If you’re using nail polish to create the dots make sure your base color coat is dry before dotting on to perfection as if not, the colors will mix and the result will not be quiet as flattering. However, if you’re using nail art glitter or rhinestones make sure they are applied on wet nail polish so as the nail varnish dries the add-ons are sealed to the nail polish. In both cases finish up the look and gave your mani a glassy effect by applying a clear top coat which will instantly boost the beauty and elegance of your nails.

Floral nail art designs are a perfect choice regardless of the season and the array of hues they can be achieved enable you to find a color mix to match your personality perfectly. Use acrylic paint to hand paint the flower designs using professional nail art brushes and contour the edges to achieve that realistic effect using an ultra thin contouring brush. If however you’re not too skilled and painting you can choose the easy way to perfectly polished floral nails by turning towards Konad stamps, 3D add-ons and nail art stickers. Regardless of your choice seal the floral motifs on using a clear top coat and flaunt your nails for everyone to see.