Just like the fashion and beauty scene, the nail art scene is influenced by runway nail trends and every season new designs are developed to help push the boundaries and underline individuality and style. 

Although there are endless possibilities to styling up the nails using nail polish, there are more than a few popular nail art designs that women seem to be addicted to every year. These popular nail art designs are all about mixing simplicity with sophistication, so if you’re ready to have your nails looking fabulous, take a peek at the following designs and try to recreate or draw inspiration from your favorite motifs.

Contrasting colors seem to be a perfect choice for women that want to have their nails stand out and scream sophistication, whether it’s two or multiple colors you’re choosing to mash, the effects will be amazing, so use colors that work well together, trendy colors such as pastels for the summer and trendy velvety finish darks for the fall. 

There are various techniques which you can use to create a multi chromatic nail art design, such as color blocking, overlapping colors, water manicure to get a marbled effect, the possibilities are numerous. 

Choose a cool colored French-tip mani, a cool polka dotty design, a fun and flirty cartoon or stickered-up nail art design or any other graphic print that you feel defines your style as the sky is the limit when it comes to color.

Another popular nail art technique that helps deliver fab results every time without too much effort is the needle nail art. This technique is used both in salons and by nail art enthusiasts at home as all you need is contrasting nail polish and a needle. Apply a few dots of your favorite nail polishes on your nail keeping them slightly distanced and use a nail art needle to mix the colors in a random pattern. Add a little bit of glitter if you wish to glam-up the design and seal it using a clear top coat after it dries to protect the design and give it a high shine finish.

Floral prints have won over both the fashion and the makeup scene this year so obviously these details couldn’t have missed from the nail art scene as your manicure should aim to complete your style. Flowers are a symbol of femininity and beauty, so they are a perfect match for the ladies that wish to underline their refined, incurable romantic style. Floral nail art designs look best if the flowers are created using a contrasting color applied over or near a cool base color, and since there are various methods you can turn towards to get fab floral print nails, the possibilities will be endless. Stickers, nail art dotting tools, dry flowers, Konad stamps, acrylic paint are only a few details that you can turn towards to get fab floral nails, so give them all a try and find the best styling method for you. If you’re all about simple colored nails, opt for a stylish colored French tip manicure that you can glam-up by tracing a glitter line at the transition point of the nail polish and your natural nail as this way the results will be so much more glamorous. There are no limits when it comes to style, so dare to push the boundaries to make your nails look divalicious!

Photos courtesy of chiyomi0001