Hang on to the colorful manicure trends of the sunny days. These gorgeous party season nail art ideas offer you the chance to load your nails with personality. Show off your beauty ambitions to become a real beaut trendsetter this season.

The newest nail polish formulas enriched with minerals and vitamins will offer you the chance to sport the darkest hues without causing any damage to your nails. Experiment with a few mani models inspired by runway shows. Honor special events with these worthy-of-copycatting looks and feel free to unleash your adventurer side to pull off a few eye-popping nail designs.

Colorful Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Dark Nail Color

Fashion’s love affair with iridescent and dark shades is visible also in the hottest runway collections. Those who are simply impressed by the sight-grabbing effect of this color palette will have the privilege to wear their nails drenched in black, the many shades of purple, brown and red. Halloween and other special occasions are perfect to try your hand at these up-and-coming manicure color trends. Don’t limit yourself to the use of a simple nail polish shade. You can explore the infinite advantages of minx nails and other accessories that add an instant glam boost to your nails. Check out the new wave of nail designs that suit all lengths and nail shapes.

Dark Nail Art Dark Nail Art Dark Nail Art Colorful Nail Art

All you need in your essential manicure kit are the basic nail shaping tools and a set of colorful nail varnish formulas. After you’ve completed your weekly or monthly beauty spree, you can start the makeover right from your nails. Simple and sexy manicure designs lead the wishlist of all glam divas. Inject some drama into your look with one of these statement nail designs. Flaunt your no hassle mani to stay on trend with your updated look.

Minx Nails Minx Nails Minx Nails Minx Nails

Image courtesy of Minxnails, CND