Each season a new color takes over the fashion scene and this upcoming season, when it comes to nail art designs, nothing can top the elegance of nude colored nails. This universally flattering hue can help underline classic elegance and is able to give you a more contemporary, high-fashion vibe, as there is an array of intricate nude colored nail art designs to choose from. To help you draw inspiration for your new season manicure, we’ve put together a lovely selection of nail art designs created by two talented nail art bloggers, Iiannko and Nail-FourLeaf. The designs vary from simple to sophisticated and feature various nude hues so you can find the perfect design for your style.

Nail Four LeafNail Four LeafNail Four LeafNail Four Leaf

Nude half-moon nail designs are super hot and popular this upcoming season and the possibilities are incredibly vast when it comes to this type of manicure as the new nail art techniques and add-ons available can help create a different mesmerizing manicure every time. Choose your favorite nude hue and enhance your half-moon nail art design using white, silver, copper or even black glitter, nail polish or rhinestones, as the effect obtained will be just spectacular. Whether you choose to go asymmetric with your nail art or choose symmetry to take over, make sure you define the line which exposes the lunula with a bit of glitter or a contrasting nail polish as this way the effect will be much more alluring.


It’s always the add-ons that can spice-up the look of your nails a great deal and since there is an array of nail art details to choose from, make sure you don’t miss out on having a blast with various styles and colors. Nude goes well with almost every color, especially burgundy, red, black and turquoise, so dare to go for color clashing details which will give your mani an eclectic look. Acrylic details which can be glued on or created instantly by an experienced nail artist look amazing and can underline the sophisticated style of your manicure. Go for stylish flowers, leafs, strawberries, anything that makes you feel good, add a few rhinestones to the design and your nails will surely not go by unnoticed.

If you’re into 3D details, you can opt to hand-paint an array of designs such as flowers, lace or polka dots as they all look amazing. Another great way to update your mani is by applying a contrasting color on your index and/or thumb and keep the rest of the manicure simple. The effect is instant and easy to achieve, so dare to experiment as at the end of the day it’s only nail polish which you can easily remove once you’re ready for something else!

IiannkoNail Four LeafNail Four LeafNail Four Leaf