A whole new world opened when nail art enthusiasts started to take advantage of the products and tools available and pushed the boundaries when it came to nail art design. There are so many nail art ideas to turn to for the summer of 2012 season it’s amazing, so if you wish to narrow it down to a few statement nail art designs that scream trendiness, check out our selection of nail art ideas and draw inspiration for your next mani session as they are all gorgeous and worth trying out.

It’s not breaking news that perfectly polished nails have the power to instantly transform your look, so make sure you don’t overlook the importance of details that might seem small but can make all the difference when it comes to beauty and style, details such as nail art, as a true fashionista has to keep up with the new trends.

One of the nail art trends that oozes femininity and has captured a massive amount of attention is represented by floral nail art. Flowers have been huge this year when it comes to everything from fashion to makeup and nail art, so why not give ‘flower-power’ motifs a try?! This year the sky is the limit when it comes to flowers as there are so many styles, colors and sizes you can experiment with, that it will be virtually impossible to give them all a try this year, thus let any inhibitions go and choose your favorite flowers to decorate your nails. Various techniques can be used to create pretty floral nail art designs, but if you’re not too skilled in drawing and hand painting your own designs using acrylic paint, you can confidently turn your attention towards nail art stickers, nail art stamps and dry flowers (if you have gel nails as they have to be introduced between the layers of gel). Go simple or go glam by adding some glittery details into your nail art and seal your design using a clear top coat for a shiny, oh-so-feminine finish that will easily capture attention.

If you’re all about sophistication and glamor, an all blinged-up manicure using rhinestones, glitter and other add-ons can be a perfect match for you. The options are incredibly vast as there are an array of fab nail accessories to try, so first settle on a base color and design, such as a classic French manicure, a half-moon nail art or simple uniformly colored nail, and then proceed to applying glitter flakes, rhinestones, pretty pearls or any other eye catching detail that catches your eye.

In case strong, bold patterns are not really your thing, we’ve prepared a gorgeous selection of color blocking patterns and cool multi-chromatic effect nail art designs that will dare you not to fall in love with them. White and pretty pastels are the hues to turn towards when creating this type of nail art, so choose the hues that represent you best. Graphic designs as well as marbled effects look fantastic, so let your imagination run wild and draw random lines, square shapes or even cool zig-zag shapes as playing with nail polish is easy and fun. Rock the ultimate nail art designs in the industry and you’ll soon become the envy of your friends for your perfectly polished digits!

Photos courtesy of Fairytail-Shizuoka