When it comes to nail art designs the possibilities are endless as nail art enthusiasts continue to push the boundaries in the domain by constantly bringing improvements to the existing nail art techniques. Due to the massive wave of nail art styles that have surfaced these past couple of years, choosing the perfect on-trend designs is not an easy task, so to make things easier for you we’ve put together a selection of popular new season nail art designs to draw inspiration from, so take a peek at every design and try your best to recreate or add your own touch to the styles to achieve a trendy manicure that is all about you.

While most sophisticated looking nail art designs require a professional touch and plenty of talent, practice and patience, there are certain designs that can be achieved easily by using various nail art accessories or nail art tools.

This season exotic reptilian prints and fab leopard prints have reached a new level of popularity when it comes to fashion and nail art, so underline your wild side by choosing to experiment with these fab prints. While leopard prints can be easily achieved with the help of the thin nail art brush, reptilian prints such as snakeskin prints are quite tricky to create. However, you can achieve instant and flawless results by turning towards nail art stickers or stamps featuring your favorite color combos, so browse through the nail art strips line of your fav nail care label and pick the one that suits your style best. You can go for a cool and timeless black and white pattern or you can give your nails a contemporary vibe by mashing up to perfection the trendiest bright nail lacquers.

Add-ons pose as the easiest method to glam looking nails and since there is an array of fab nail art accessories to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The add-ons can be inserted into gel or laid over wet nail polish, or they can be set using a special nail glue, either way the result achieved will be perfect. Flowers, metallic details, rhinestones and other colored stones are the most popular accessories to spice up a plain manicure, so dare to give your favorite styles a try as they can be set in an array of patterns that go from simple to uber-sophisticated.

Graphic details featuring clashing colors look amazing, so explore the wonderful world of graphic nail art designs by giving stripes, polka dots and other hypnotic styles a try. Go for a symmetric style if you wish to keep your nails balanced or get creative with imaginative scenes that ‘tell a different story’ on each finger as symmetry is definitely not a requirement when it comes to stylish, edgy looking nails.

Photos courtesy of Miurakanako