When it comes to perfectly polished nails, the sky is the limit as nail art enthusiasts managed to broaden to extremes the borders of the nail art world adding numerous sophisticated and multi-colored nail art designs that surpass everyone’s expectations. Because choosing a trendy design from such a vast mass of designs is not easy, we’ve decided to feature this fab nail art tutorial that describes the step by step process to getting a cool neon rainbow leopard print nail art design that is bound to steal the spotlight. 

Leopard prints and basically any exotic prints were huge this year when it comes to fashion and since the nail art world is subjected to the same trend influences as the fashion scene, leopard patterns couldn’t have missed from the nail art of true fashionistas.

Apart from animal prints, gradient effects and neon tones have been extremely popular, so to achieve the ultimate nail art style, nail art blogger Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures juxtaposed these styles and created an edgy, acid leopard print nail art tutorial that will dare you to resist it if you’re not scared of experimenting with vivacious nail lacquers.

Obviously, when using multiple nail colors, the longer the nail, the better the result, but that doesn’t mean that short nails won’t look hot with a neon gradient color spiced up with a cool leopard print. To create this fun and vibrant design, you’ll need various nail lacquer hues, a clear top coat, a base coat, a sponge, a non-absorbent paper, a few q-tips and some nail polish remover. The nail polish hues you’ll need are frost finish white, hot pink, yellow and blue.

Start by applying a base coat which will ensure your nail is smooth and prepped for the application of the following nail polishes. Apply the frosty finish white nail polish on all the nails to ensure the colored nail polishes will pop and wait for it to dry before heading to creating your rainbow or ombre effect. Next, apply a bit of hot pink nail polish on the non absorbent piece of paper and dab a small portion of the sponge into the color before transferring the color from the sponge to the base and tip of the nail. Continue with the yellow, in the same manner as you did with the hot pink nail polish and slightly overlap the pink with the yellow. Mixing the color will enable you to create the desired rainbow effect, so where the pink meets yellow, the result will be orange and where the yellow is kept simple over the white base, the color will not change.

You can now proceed to the last nail polish hue, the intense blue, which you’ll apply using the sponge (with each color use a clean part of the sponge) overlapping with the edge of the yellow nail polish. This way you’ll get a nice green, blue to violet (where the tips are colored in pink) gradient coloration that will make your nails scream attention.

Once the nail polishes have dried, continue by drawing the cool leopard print on the nails. You can do this just like Colette, by using a nail art pen or you can turn towards a thin contouring nail art brush dipped in either black nail polish or black acrylic paint, the effects obtained being equally fabulous. Create random ‘C’ letters using the black colored nail art product and wait for the color to dry before sealing it with a clear top coat to give the design an intense shine. Easy to create and with a high dose of energy, this rainbow leopard print nail art design will help underline your inner wild side, so dare to give it a try and prepare to be showered with compliments!