A true fashionista knows how to make the best out of her nails and NCLA has the perfect solution for girls that love stylish nail art. Nail foils that are easy to use featuring fab and sophisticated designs are now at your disposition, so get ready to boogie with NCLA nails!

The newest and trendiest invention when it comes to nail art is represented by nail wraps or foils. Nail wraps are nail art designs imprinted on foils which then adhere to the nail bed for an easy and flawless sophisticated nail art design which will make traffic stop. Unlike other similar products, NCLA's nail art foils are super easy to use and don't require a professional touch. The foils are ready for use and don't require heat lamps, drying time or a heavy budget, all you need is a clear nail polish/top coat and your favorite wrap sheets on standby!

The latest nail art foils collection signed NCLA is titled Boogie Nights and its name is a reflection of the collection's fun and flirty style. Glamorous and interesting, the NCLA Boogie Nights nail collection features 5 amazing foil designs that will make you addicted to nail art.

Each design comes in 2 sheets of 22 individually cut nail shaped foils that you can fit to match the size of your nails perfectly, a nail file and instructions for an easy use of the product. Now you can enjoy a professional looking manicure done in the comfort of your own home and without spending tens of dollars on weekly manicures. The collection features various design foils in different shades to ensure you make a stetement each and every time depending on your outfit choice.

From cool striped '70s style dark, yellow and red fine line designs to contemporary gold, red, pixelled and floral designs anything goes, so pick your favorites and experiment with all of them if you want to become the nail envy of every event. The collection includes the following designs that will make your nails ridiculously hot:

Ruby - glam and star shiny ruby red

Electro- retro fine multi tonal stripe effect

Gold Dust - twinkle gold tones glam effect

Mission To Mars - old school pixel mix

Blush - interesting floral style on a white base

Check out all the designs signed NCLA and pick your perfect nail beauty and style boosters!

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