Limitless options make the new nail art designs addictive, so if you’re one of the honeys that knows the importance of perfectly polished nails, we’ve put together a cool selection of nail art ideas that will come in handy this holiday season as this year glamor nails are a must.

Making the best out of the hottest autumnal pigments, nail art blogger Dahlia, demonstrated that with a little bit of patience you can create amazing nail art designs that range from simple to sophisticated but all have one thing in common: style.

Browse through the pretty nail art styles and recreate your fave looks or put your own print into the design to come up with a totally unique nail art design that has YOU written all over.

Neutral colored nails are timeless and super chic, so why not take this classic color palette, opt for the pigment that suits you perfectly and give your nails a glam allure by adding some sizzling details on using a contrasting color.

Floral patterns, geometrical motifs and even abstract lines can have an immense visual impact, so get creative and give your nails a flawless, all diva-like finish.


Create the stylish motifs on each and every nail or on every other nail as regardless of your choice, your effort to update the beauty of your nails will not go by unnoticed.

This holiday season glam elements are a must and if you love to overlap glamor with sophistication and edginess, the result can be ‘lethal’. Make hearts skip a beat by mixing rich, bright and dark pigments and distributing the color according to your mood. Stylish patterns which include polka dots, graphic lines and even animal prints are a perfect option to take into consideration when prepping your nails for a holiday party, so go asymmetric and play with your fave nail lacquer shades.

If you want to go glamor-unlimited, opt for a cool colored French tip manicure, glitter pigments and rhinestones. You can choose to play with these details individually or mash them all up into the same nail art design as nothing is too much. Opt for an all over nail color or play with various styles such as French tip nails, ombre designs and half moon manicures as they are all fabulous and can help deliver different, all refined looks. The sky is the limit when it comes to your nails, so dare to go bolder and push yourself to becoming a true nail art queen!