We want our nails to look amazing regardless of the event! In a quest for the perfect manicure make sure you skim through our selection of must try flirty nail art ideas offered by Mirinda Beauty Nail Life. These nail styles are simply mesmerizing especially if you have a love-affair with the oh-so-popular ladylike fashion trend. Now that spring has arrived it would be wise to prepare for glove-less occasions when you have the opportunity to flaunt your statement manicure. This month experiment with a cavalcade of nail polish shades and cool prints. Learn how to nail down a head-turning nail style without spending a fortune on professional nail painting sessions.

Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea

Ditch all the age-old nail varnish formulas and pile up on the newest products offered by our favorite cosmetic brands. The refined ingredients in high-quality nail polishes guarantee the long-lasting effect of your manicure. Whether you prepare for a formal event or you wish to put your creative skills to a fab test, these colorful nail art ideas will definitely inspire you. Perfectly sculpted and painted nails mirror your beauty-consciousness.

Don’t miss the chance to land in the spotlight with a cutting-edge and complex manicure design. See these examples and make a list of the must have prints and patterns you want to apply on your nails. Candy pastels are perfect for a romantic and typical beauty kitten nail style. On the other hand, you can also include neutrals and classy shades of red into your manicure wishlist.

Flirty Nail Art Flirty Nail Art Flirty Nail Art Flirty Nail Art

It’s always nice to rock a brand new manicure design. Break out of the box with one of these statement nail art designs. Stripes, polka dots, animal prints and floral designs inject a high-street vibe into your manicure. Vamp up your look with the combination of contrastive shades and complement the compositions with additional accessories. See how these attract immediate attention. Keep your manicure as versatile as your wardrobe to stay true to your fashionista reputation.

Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea Flirty Nail Art Idea