The vast array of nail polish hues and nail art designs created by talented nail artists and nail enthusiasts enable women to sport endless nail art designs that can be adapted to the season, to one’s personality and style. 

Dare to play up with your nail art and give the following multi-color nail art ideas a try as they are in perfect sync with the summer nail color trends.

It is just amazing what you can achieve with a little bit of nail polish, the right tools, a bit of skill and patience as sophistication is the buzzword that dominates the nail art scene this season. 

No more plain and boring nails, but interesting color mixes and intricate patterns which draw instant attention, so dare to have fun and experiment with the following multi-colored nail art designs created by talented nail art blogger from Cocotte-Nail.

Asymmetric Patterns

Symmetry is no longer a requirement when it comes to style and nail art designs as asymmetric patterns feature a much bolder, edgier look that is bound to make heads turn. Asymmetric nails which feature a different nail polish color effect on each nail will surely make your perfectly polished nails spark interest, so dare to underline your fashion-forward style and uniqueness by letting your imagination run wild when it comes to your nails. Whether cool color clashing hues spiked with trendy 3D applications, different patters or hand-painted effects, the results obtained are bound to grab attention, so give animal prints, stripes, frosted tips, etc, a try and find out which pattern and color mixes suit you best.

Pretty Pastels

The summer season has brought to the surface an array of fabulous pastel hues which will make the delice of your look whether you’re talking about fashion, makeup or nail art designs. Pretty pastels are universally flattering hues that pack a ‘je ne sais quoi’ which install a feeling of happiness and relaxation, so dare to create various nail art effects such as half-moon nail art designs, frosted tips, French manicures, heart effects and more using soft yellow, baby blue, white and soft pink tones.

A great way to make sure your nails get noticed is to opt for high impact, color clashing hues, so whether you choose to go for a uniform but different nail polish hue on each nail or a stylish color mix, your nails are bound to steal the spotlight. A high contrasting manicure can be achieved by mixing vibrant neon hues or darks with brights, so mix and match your favorite nail polish hues to obtain a cool and trendy manicure every time. To ensure a flawless result every time apply glitter on the transition line between color clashing nail polishes or apply rhinestones or other 3D add-ons to give your nails an even higher impact.

High Impact Color Mixes