When spring comes, it’s time to leave behind all those gloomy winter colors and win major girlishness points choosing a cute nail art design. There are no limitations as long as you add a cheerful touch to your nails. Forget about grown-up shades and opt for something more youthful such as brights, glitter, sweet bows, Liberty flowers, playful dots, hearts, or colorful stripes. The palette is vast and rich, allowing unique combinations.

Bows express maximum loveliness. Besides, they are a great way to add femininity to your look. We have seen bows coming back in fashion for spring/summer 2011 as designers used them on clothes and numerous accessories. The good news is that bows can also be found on your nails. Therefore, whether you have long, medium, or short nails, it’s time to try this simple, lovely, yet very effective design. Put your imagination to the test and in just a few steps you’ll get a lovely design. If you have no skills when it comes to nail art, you can apply an acrylic butterfly bow tie.

We all love spring. The perfect season when we celebrate life, warm weather, friendly sun, blue sky, candy-colored flowers, and love. We start wearing ladylike dresses and skirts, colorful t-shirts and floral printed tops. And since nails should also follow this seasonal trend, it’s time they reflect the joy we feel when spring comes. From polka dots and red hearts to nautical-inspired stripes and delicious cupcakes, it is so nice to add a romantic flair to our daily routine.

Dots are the easiest to do, you just need two colors of nail polish and a toothpick. Paint your nails in one color and wait for the polish to dry. Afterwards, use the toothpick in order to make the dots. For a cooler effect, you can choose two or three colors for the dots.

Flowers mean romanticism all the way, but seen on nails they maintain a flirty touch. Moreover, flowers are a good way to transform a simple, dull manicure into a real work of art. You don’t need special artistic skills or tools for creating beautiful floral nails at home. You might even draw your inspiration from the iconic Liberty print. Since creativeness is not limited and options are endless, turn your nails into a genuine canvas and play with different pop art details, clouds or comic book dialogues.

There are numerous funny nail art ideas that can make us smile. A mustache or a cartoon character will make your nails look gorgeous and special.