Girls, it’s time to spice up your look and start pampering your nails like never before as the new trends are all about experimenting with color when it comes to your digits. The vast array of nail varnishes out there have sparked a massive flood of ideas when it comes to nail art designs, thus enabling nail art enthusiasts to go wild with their nails and sport a different, unique manicure every time.

This summer, fashionistas have to pay a special attention to their nails as perfectly polished nails are a style requirement. It’s time to make an excess of creativity with your nail lacquers as nothing will underline your uniqueness more this season than perfectly manicured nails enhanced with the trendiest colorful nail art styles such as the ones created by Junoquartz-Aoyama.

If you’re feeling a bit romantic or flirty, there’s no other nail art design that will underline your mood better than a heart and kisses nail art, so start mixing and matching various nail polish hues and get your imagination going. Nothing compares to the feeling of sporting super fabulous nails that make jaws drop and make compliments pour, so dare to go wilder and dare to have a bit of fun as after all it’s only nail polish! Create your own hearts and/or kisses nail art on bare nails or over your fav nail varnish using a nail art brush if you’re skilled at hand painting or use Konad stamps or cool nail art stickers which you’ll then seal with a clear top coat for that extra touch of glamor and extra stay.

Underline your penchant for pretty nails by going for a super popular polka dot style or by giving your nails a super trendy summer-over using fruity details. Strawberries, cherries, lemons are all details that will make your nails look yummy, so turn towards nail art add-ons to achieve perfect looking designs. If you’re feeling a bit classic yet you’re looking for something fun and feminine, polka dots are the perfect match. Create pretty polka dots using a simple nail polish hue, using glitter, multiple nail varnishes, go soft or go bold as the sky is the limit and the results are amazing every time. Polka doted nails are super easy to achieve, so use a dotting tool or a toothpick to create perfect dots every time.

Animal prints, graphic details, floral motifs as well as glitzy-glam add-ons are also a must-try this summer season, so dare to experiment with color and accessories as nail art designing is a super fun process especially if you’ve nailed the best tricks in the domain. Practice is the key to success, so grab on to your tools and start mashing-up colors to create some of the trendiest, new season nail art designs.