There are a variety of fab nail art designs out there that will make your nails a magnet for attention, so make sure you're the nail art queen at any event. If you're in need of some inspiration, take a peek at the following nail art designs and draw inspiration for your next fab nail art design!

Polished up nails have become a definite must have and there are various ways you can make sure your nails are prepped up to perfection. The amazing nail products out there enable you to create various lovely nail art designs that will grab everyone's attention, so if you've decided you're ready to experience the power of nails, take a peek at the following creative nail art designs and put your skills to the test.

From bold to pretty, simple nail art designs anything goes but because certain nail art designs manage to steal more compliments than others, we have put together some of the hottest nail art designs for the new season, designs which will not demand high artistic skills. Charming Nails blogger will be our guide to perfectly polished nails, so take a peek at her designs and pick your favorites.

Clash colors that create an eclectic look will definitely take your nails out on a parade, making them stand out, so pick your favorite nail polish hues and mix them to obtain various designs that suit your funky fresh personality. Go for brights, darks, glitter and even add-ons and your nails will definitely shine on their own without having to turn to a professional for a stylish mani. If however you're in a hurry, magnetic nail polish will surely make all the difference when it comes to your manicure. The gorgeous two tone effect created cannot be overlooked, so invest in a stylish magnetic polish that will make you proud of your nails every time.

Channel your inner diva and opt for party-ready nail art design this season that scream for attention. Sophisticated nail art designs don't necessarily have to be super difficult to create, all you need is patience and the right tools. Dry flowers, glitter, rhinestones, nail art stickers and lace are all must haves when searching for a cool looking, party ready nail art design, so make the best out of your nails by turning towards these fab products.
Animal print nails are a perfect choice if you want to underline your wild side, and there are various ways to incorporate a zebra, leopard or tiger print into your nail art design. Go simple all the way or opt to mix and match various styles to get a fab animal print design that seems to pop from under your monochrome varnish.

Floral nail art designs are timeless and will never fail, and hence there are a myriad of flower species to draw inspiration from, you'll never have to wear the same floral print nail art design twice. If you're very skilled in arts, paint your own flowers on your nails, but if you're looking for something that is all about perfection or you're simply not skilled at doing sophisticated nail art designs, turn towards stylish floral stickers or Konad stamps that will make your nails look amazing. Seal the design with a clear top coat and let your nails receive the attention they deserve!

Photos courtesy of Charming Nails