Even a slight change in your worn-out manicure can do miracles with your appearance. Those who are eager to sport a daring and youthful nail painting style will have the chance to skim through the multitude of leopard print nail art 2011 designs presented below. Keep your look playful and don’t forget about the wide array of nail polish collections launched by the most influential and prominent nail artists of the moment. Choose a pattern that best suits your personality and wear it with confidence and attitude. Experiment with the simple still voguish and also more complex and refined designs that can be applied to your nails with the proper tools.

Nail style adventurers will often experiment with brand new manicure designs that keep them versed with the newest fashion trends. The first step towards the perfect manicure is indeed to collect a wide array of prints and patterns that are both faddish and match your skills. Animal prints enjoy huge popularity both in the case of clothing styles as well as nail art. Therefore, it’s time to get familiarized with the top leopard nail designs sported also by our favorite style icons who are keen to surprise us with edgy and sight-pleasing manicure models.

Big league manicure is characterized by sophistication as well as complex designs. These prints will turn your nails into real jewelries. Use your talent to stain the nails with neon or matte shades available at the local store. Think big and use different hues that can be easily combined in the same composition. For a classy animal print nail art make sure you stick to brown and creamy tones. On the other hand, you can also diverge from the conventions and make up your own design that is both unique and will serve as the perfect blueprint for others.