Thematic nail designs have a special charm, especially when done with perfect precision for a truly flawless result. Whether you prefer simple concepts with an abstract vibe or you are all about depicting your favorite motifs for a spectacular result, the following nail art alternatives can help you create a fabulous impression instantly.

There are a multitude of motifs and themes that can be used to create attention grabbing designs. Pick simple motifs if you opt for a carefully made home manicure or let your creativity soar and pick a multitude of symbols for a more complex theme. Leave subtle, feminine nail polish hues aside and opt instead for dramatic tones that will never fail to deliver a spectacular result, in tone with the holiday.

Best hues for the occasion? Black and orange are without a doubt all time favorites, being among the most representative and versatile tones for the occasion. White, dark blues, green tones or purple are additional great choices you can use if you opt for a sophisticated, multi-toned style. As far as motifs are concerned, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, mummies are always popular alternatives.

If you are not particularly skilled in creating nail designs, you can always turn to abstract nail designs that will enable you to look just as spectacular without having to stress over using complex tools and massive amounts of time to get the desired results. Feel free to use rhinestones or other eye-catching details to create a more useful multidimensional effect. Glitter can also be a useful addition if you want to add a festive and glamorous touch while toning down the scary theme a little bit. Picking a hue similar to the ones used in the nail design will provide unity to the design while different hues will provide a higher contrast.

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