Start the new season in style by paying more attention to your nails as the new season is bringing into our attention an array of fabulous, inspirational nail art designs that can turn you into a nail art queen. From simple to more sophisticated, there is an array of amazing nail art designs that can suit your skills level as well as personality, so take a peek at the nail art designs created by Marin’s Nail and try to recreate your favorite designs.

Practice and a rich imagination are the keys to success when it comes to nail art, so put your skills to the test and learn how to spice up your manicure by turning towards the trendiest must have nail art designs. The following nail art styles require a medium level of skill when it comes to the creation process, so give them a try and work your way to becoming a nail art diva.

Flirty Prints

When it comes to style, floral and animal prints have definitely ranked a high position in the top must have manicure styles these past couple of years, so why not enjoy the power of these flirty prints every now and then. With a little bit of patience and with the right nail polishes you can create an array of amazing nail art designs featuring your favorite floral motifs or colored animal prints. When it comes to animal prints, the best way to go if you’re looking to make a trendy impression is by opting for leopard or snake skin print, so choose your favorite colors to obtain the desired effect. Brown tones, golds, bronze and nudes are the most popular color choices when it comes to animal prints white warm tones are the ones that can give your floral print nails a more romantic allure, one that will suit your feminine style perfectly.

Pretty Pastels

Another great option to turn your attention towards this spring season is color, pastel colors to be more precise. These warm tones are everywhere this season, so choose the softest tones of pink, purple, turquoise, coral and yellow out there and let your nails shine style. These trend-tastic colored nails will give your nails a fresh and youthful vibe, perfect for the season and since the possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching pastels are endless, you’ll be able to create a new fab nail art design every time. Choose colored French-tip nails, half/moon nail art designs, pastel mix nails, marbled effect nails, tie-dye effects, etc, as they are all fantastic looking.

If you’re all about sophistication and you love making a statement whether it’s trough fashion or your manicure, graphic print nails are the perfect match for you. Strong, color clashing hues can help create an array of lovely graphic nail art designs which include abstract patterns, polka dots, stripes or other motifs that come to mind and that capture the attention instantly. Mix your favorite hues and try to go for contrasting colors as much as possible to underline the sophistication of your fashionable manicure.

Graphic Details