Manicurists say that there are a few things that everybody interested in nail art should know. Take a look at some of the most important ones and get ready to take notes.

Great Nail Art Tips: Prepping Your Nails

Specialists say that this is one of the greatest nail art tips everybody should take into account. They add that, before taking on this new project, it’s very important to remove old nail polish

Next, you should trim and file your nails. This way, you’ll shape them the way you please. Continue prepping your nails by applying a base coat. This product is essential if you want to protect your nails from getting damaged by paint or other materials involved in your nail art.

Glittery Nails

Beautiful Nail Art Idea: Glittery Nails

Once you’ve prepared your nails, it’s time to discover this beautiful nail art idea. Glittery nails are very festive and you can rock this manicure at an important family event, or at a party with your friends. There are several ways in which you can apply glitter, however, the following two techniques are the most common.

First, you should mix your loose glitter with clear polish and then apply it on your nails. Once this polish dries, it’s time to apply the top coat. Now let’s move on to the second technique! Cover your nails with your favorite polish and dust a bit of glitter over your nails. Let your nail art dry and then add top coat over.

Easy Way to Do Nail Art: Floral Design

What would you say about rocking a floral design on your nails? If it sounds appealing, take a look at this easy way to do nail art. Make sure you use three nail polishes: the base coat, the shade for the center of the flower and the one for the petals. Apply the base coat and let it dry completely. Then take a thin-tipped brush and create groups of 5 dots displaced in circles on your nails. Once you’ve created the petals, you should paint a single dot in the center of the petals. Let your manicure dry and don’t forget about the top coat.

Nails With Floral Design

Trendy Nail Art Idea: Purple Galaxy

Get ready to enjoy one of the trendiest nail art ideas. If you want to impress your girlfriends with this special design, you should take a sponge and sponge a bit of pink nail polish on your nails. Let this coat dry and then sponge white polish over. Continue by adding a purple shade to the picture. Now it’s time to paint a couple of white dots and little stars. Let the design dry and apply top coat.

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