There are numerous ways to get your nails looking party-ready this summer as nail artists and nail art enthusiasts have contributed greatly to the development of new and innovative nail art designs to the point that nothing seems impossible anymore, but the advantages brought by the endless styling possibilities are shadowed by the difficulty one encounters when trying to select a nail art style that is both trendy and suits one’s personality, so if you’re lacking ideas, take a peek at the following hot nail art ideas for summer and give your favorite styles a try.

Perfectly polished nails have become a necessity regardless of the season and while the colder seasons require more simplistic nail art designs, the summer season encourages nail art enthusiasts to unleash their imagination and sport wild and eye catching nail art designs that pack an edge and that are bound to steal the spotlight at any event. This summer simplicity should be out of your vocabulary when it comes to your digits, so take a peek at the stylish nail art designs created by Nail Salon Laulea and draw inspiration for your next cool manicure.

Two of the nail art designs that have made their presence felt this season in the fashion and beauty scene are polka dots and animal prints, so get creative and give your pretty nails a boost of style by adorning them using one of these two stylish details. Pretty polka dots can be easily created using a dotting tool (or a toothpick) or using oversized round glitter flecks while animal prints can be achieved using a thin nail art brush and two of your fav nail polish hues. The most popular animal print this summer is leopard and it can be created using brown/black tones or cool summery colors as either way the result achieved will be fabulous, so pick an animal print you favour and bring out your inner wild side though your stylish mani.

All glam nail art designs that feature asymmetric patterns are a perfect match for women that want their nails to exude modern elegance with a touch of edginess, so pair clashing creamy finish nail polish hues with all glitter lacquers and add-ons as nothing is too much this summer. Rhinestones are easy to apply on wet nail polish and can instantly give a high dose of style to a simple looking manicure. Other accessories such as feathers (which are placed in between layers of nail polish/gel) or 3D floral applications are also perfect choices to consider for a hypnotic manicure, so dare to experiment with various details and patterns.

If you’re looking for something more romantic or fun and flirty, a floral or a pretty pastel manicure is always a good idea to take into consideration. Pretty ombre nails created using a sponge dipped in color or stylish paisley prints created using a nail art brush will surely make your nails steal the spotlight as would a cool floral print many created using wither nail art stamps, acrylic paint or stickers. Choose hypnotic styles for your digits this summer and prepare to be ‘showered’ with compliments every time as it’s the small details that help define a look!