The festive season is all about glamorous manicure trends that work with too-cool-to-miss prints and designs. Those who are lusting after a statement accessory will have the opportunity to experiment with an army of nail art ideas.

Bold and bright is the name of the game if you’re into making a smashing impression at the hottest party events. Look for variety and make sure you don’t get stuck in a style rut. Decorate your nails with the following holiday nail art ideas 2011. Raid the most dazzling beauty blog My Sweet Nail Art and let these winter themed nail models be your guide to work your way to a fabulous manicure.

Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art

Our favorite holidays are just around the corner. Prepare for the party season with an updated and voguish look. Start the makeover from your nails and rock the hottest manis of the season. Dress up your nails with snowflakes, stripes, polka dots or floral patterns depending on your painting skills. Get into the groove of the festive occasions and think big when building up your party look. These nail designs are here to turn you into the top attraction of every event. Regardless of the length of your nails, you’re encouraged to experiment with a multitude of nail polish shades. Discover the visual impact bright or pastel hues can create.

Lovely Nail Art Yellow Nail Art Lilac Nail Art Crackle Nail Art

Radiate effortless charm with a minimalist style manicure if you’re not fond of standing out from the crowd. On the other hand, you can also attract immediate attention with a complex and sophisticated nail design crowned with beads, stickers and other accessories. Improve your painting skills by going from simple to complicated patterns or you can also visit a pro beauty salon to guarantee the success of your manicure session.

Lovely Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art Holiday Nail Art Floral Nail Art

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