Keep your manicure in top party-season form with these high street nail art ideas. Pack your beauty kit with the coolest nail polish shades, glitter and stickers for a dazzling beauty makeover.

Incredibly easy manicure designs will help you improve your painting skills. Give your nails a glamor injection with fabulous nail polish shades and groovy prints. Show off your beauty kitten side by copycatting these high street nail art ideas offered by Nail Salon Adite.

Move with the times and come up with brand new nail designs which can inspire your co-fashionistas. Include these faddish nail styles into your personal collection of creative beauty options.

Colorful Nail Art Colorful Nail Art Floral Nail Art Colorful Nail Art

Goodbye monotony! It's time to update your look with the gorgeous mani models presented below. Masters of nail painting furnish you with the basic guidelines on how to pull off the animal printed or polka dot nails. Floral nails and other lovely patterns serve as the best means to add interest to your manicure. Work with a color palette which includes brights and neutral shades to stay up to date with the latest nail color trends.

Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Floral Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Embrace your inner glam diva and practice the basic techniques of nail painting to save money and energy by creating your own manicure. Regardless of the length of your nails, you'll be able to add a splash of color or a modern flair to your nails using these dazzling manicure ideas. Treat yourself to a top-to-toe makeover and pamper your nails with deep conditioning treatments.

Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Image courtesy of Nail Salon Adite