Created in 1975 by a Japanese company the Hello Kitty symbol remains one of the most popular symbols of fictional characters to this day. Although the popularity of the symbol might reach its peak in Japan where this symbol is even thought to bring good fortune, the cute and girly motif is loved worldwide. What’s more, the unbelievable success of this fictional character has brought to the market numerous Hello Kitty products that range from toys and pajamas and handbags to necklaces and makeup sets and everything in between.

Considering the amazing success of this symbol it should come as no surprise that many people have decided to make this symbol a part of their look through tattoos or nail art designs. Those who don’t want to make radical and potentially permanent change can still enjoy this beautiful symbol in a classy and even glamorous form. Nail art allows a great creativity when it comes to including this symbol allowing you to go as simple or as complicated as you want.

Used to bring out the best in a simple nail polish design or on the contrary as a more radical nail art statement, this type of symbol can help you get whatever you want. Although you might think that this design can appear as childlike, there are several ways in which this type of symbol can be used in a more grown up manner if it is desired.

From simple designs that can be created using only a few elements such as a combination of nail polish colors like black, white and pink or a simple red, black, white color combo for a noticeable, sexy effect, the options are multiple and might depend only on your preferences, the desired complexity level as well as your personal skills if you decide to try it at home. However, although those who have a strong artistic sense might succeed when it comes to creating the HK pattern themselves, having a friend to help you with the design is highly recommended for best results.

While the patterns can be adapted to any nail length and in combination with various elements depending on the desired result, artificial nails undoubtedly offer the greatest flexibility if you want something a little more radical. Depending on whether you want to include additional elements such as bows or not, you can adjust the overall complexity of the pattern. While the Hello Kitty symbol can be enough if you want your fingernails to stand out, if you truly want to go over the top, adding various elements can be the best choice.

Whether you opt for classy color combos in order to create interest through classy designs or on the contrary you use a combination of Hello Kitty inspired elements to create unique looking designs, imagination is truly the final frontier when trying to use this symbol. With so many products using this type of theme, looking for inspiration is beyond easy.

If you are looking for the ultimate nail design challenge you can do at home and you like this popular symbol, you should really give this idea a try. Fun and easy, this project can help you banish boredom and help you expand your skills and challenge your creativity. If you’ve liked the designs, pick a few you’d like to try in your next beauty session.