It’s time to party! Halloween is just around the corner, so, as the fashionista that you are, you start assembling your party costume and accessories. Of course, you won’t forget about your nails, because you know that it’s very important to match your costume with a Halloween themed nail art.

We’ve gathered some amazing Halloween nail art designs that will serve you as great sources of inspiration.

Googly Eyes Halloween Nail Art

Do you have the feeling that somebody’s watching your every move? That’s probably because you’ve decided to dye some googly eyes on your nails this Halloween. It’s a great, fun and easy way to rock your brand new costume! Trick or treat anyone?

Googly Eyes Nail Art

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Candy Corn Nails for Halloween

This also a great and easy nail art design! We recommend applying a base coat, then paint your nails with two very thin coats of white nail polish. Then, apply a bright orange shade, bringing it towards the top of the nail. We suggest applying two coats so it becomes opaque. Once the polish has dried out, you can apply the third stripe by using a yellow nail polish. You should bring the polish up the center and focus on drawing a straight line.

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If you want some extra shimmer, then add a coat of glitter polish. And in the end apply the top coat to fix this easy nail design.

Spider Web Nail Art for Halloween

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without spider webs. So why not recreating this look on nails? Do you think it’s hard? In fact it’s not! After applying the base coat, add two coats of purple nail polish. Then add a coat of glitter polish.

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Once you have the base, start drawing lines from the wall of the nail towards a point in the middle, by using a thin brush and white polish. Plus, the point doesn’t have to be in the nail’s center. Then, start connecting the lines so that you create a web. Add some dots of glitter on the corner of the web to perfect your manicure and that’s all!

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Black and Orange Halloween Nails

If you want to go for a trendier approach of the traditional black and orange All Hallow, you should paint your ring finger with a creamy peach nail polish shade and for the rest of the nails you should use a shiny glittery black.

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Frankenstein-Inspired Nail Art

Frankenstein Nail Art For Halloweenvia

You can recreate this design by applying a light mint shade as your base. Afterwards, you can get creative with some black and white accents and bring this well known monster to life.

Witch Hat Nail Art

Are you planning to be a lovely witch this Halloween? Then draw a witch hat on your nails, grab your broomstick and book of spells and go show your friends who’s the best witch in town!

Witch Hat Nail Artvia

Blood Spattered Halloween Nail Art

Here’s another great source of inspiration. You should start your manicure by applying a base coat and then two coats of gray nail polish. Then grab a bright red polish and add some little dots towards the base of the nail, so that they look like drips. 

Blood Splattered Nailsvia

Connect the dots of “blood” together at the top of the nail with curved strokes. This way, you’ll create the ‘dripping’ effect. You’re almost there! Now, just add a top coat and you’re set. We suggest buying a professional top coat that will make your manicure last.

Galaxy Nail Art

Galaxy Nail Artvia

You can create a great starry manicure by using a silver hologram polish, a purple shaded one and a creamy royal blue shade. 

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