Would you like to see what a brand new and glam manicure trend can do to your appearance? Check out the following half-moon nail art ideas that will definitely keep you on your toes. Give free way to creativity and experiment with prints and patterns that reveal your unique beauty-awareness.

Once you’ve picked out the most flattering shades that complement your skin tone and also mirror your mood, you’ll have the opportunity to follow the instructions and nail down one of the hottest manicure trends from the industry. Half-moon nail styles might seem pretty complicated, however, as the tutorial below shows, there’s no need to panic, you’ll be able to have this chic accessory in no time. Nails can speak for our personality before we would even open our mouth. Take special care of this section of your body in order to radiate refinement and high street glam.

If you’re in need of a high class manicure design, consider the Half-moon style to make sure you bring out the most of your nail length and shape. Create a nail art that suits all events from formal to casual. Crown your appearance with multi-tonal or, on the contrary, mono-chromatic nails to achieve the desired standing ovation. Each look comes in versatile colors, you can combine neons with pastels or stick to grown-up neutrals that look stunning and are rocked out also by our fave beauty icons from Celebsville as Dita von Teese or Lady Gaga. Those who wish to follow their footsteps will have the chance to do it in no time. Grab your properly equipped nail kit and start the makeover session. Be sure you use only high quality nail polish formulas to secure the success of nail painting.

As the video shows, you might need some extra tools to create a dazzling Half-moon manicure. Learn from the best and practice in order to improve your nail painting skills. Start your nail artist career by experimenting with the most visionary and new season manicure trends. Include this particular design into your list of too-cool-to-miss nail art. Select shades to suit your personality and combine them according to the examples presented in this brief insight into the magical world of A-list nail styles. Versatility is one of the fashion buzz terms you should keep in mind to keep your nails up-to-the-minute with the new waves of painting tendencies.

Sport the coolest manicure designs your favorite celebrities also rocked out both on and off the red carpet. Steal their ideas and add your personal style stamp to your nail art.