Wedding nail art designs

Choosing a lovely nail design which features acrylic flowers can be a great option if you are looking for a relatively simplistic design which would still offer your nails the glam look they need. You can choose a pink and white combination as it look great and can make the nails stand out but not flashy.

French Nail Art

A French manicure is usually the main option for brides as their simplicity and elegance cannot be topped. This type of nail art is more suitable for brides who don’t want to make their nails stand out to much, but because this is a very special day you need to give your nails a little bit of “spice” and you can do this by opting for fabulous gem applications on one or several nails. This look will still be discreet and fabulous at the same time so if simplicity is your style go ahead and give this nail art design a try.

Bridal French Nails Bridal Nail Art

This type of nail design is a little bit heavier but manages to look fabulous especially if you benefit from a longer nail length. The white tip and gray or multicolored gems will help your nails look amazingly glamorous and different.  Choosing a golden color rather than white nail polish can help your nails stand out but still maintain that wedding appropriate look that matches your wedding dress. When choosing this type of design is necessary to make sure the design matches the style of the dress as this type of design has a more modern look. The acrylic flower designs will create a fabulous contrast with the golden base, making your nails look splendid.

French Manicure for Brides Wedding Nails

White tip nails are indeed the most popular wedding nails but if you are looking for a more interesting design which still maintains that level of simplicity you can choose a faded French nail design which looks great and will match your elegant, refined look. If you are looking for a more sophisticated design you can turn to glam wedding nails and this type of nails are adorned heavily creating a very glamorous and eye catching look. Choose a unique design on each nail as an asymmetric design will look much better when it comes to glam nails. 

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