If you’re a fan of fluff and fancy accessories, sure you’ll need some inspiration for your next manicure that should mirror your personality. These gorgeous nail art ideas 2011 will offer you the chance to sport a fabulous nail style that hits the right spot especially if you wish to crown your party or casual chic outfits with it. Add the sparkling vibe to your nails by choosing the most flattering and eye-popping shades and prints. Wear your statement manicure with attitude and confidence. Use your painting skills to learn the latest manicure techniques, you can also test your creativity with these cool ideas below.

These nail art goodies are the perfect means to turn your nails into real razzle-dazzle accessories. Gone are the days when you could limit yourself to a blocky design made up of a sole shade. Now it’s time to join the fashion pack and experiment with the simple or more complex designs that look simply irresistible when paired with your different outfits. If you’re flirting with the idea of stepping onto the way of becoming a real nail artist, make sure you take a closer peek at these fab nail ideas. Animal prints, abstract designs, dots and bows are here to save you from a dull look.

Luxe-loving girls have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of nail designs presented here. Let your mood decide which style to sport and make sure you have a pro nail kit that has all the basic tools to guarantee the best conditions for the application. Choose pastel tones for more tamed and muted looks, whereas metallic shades and glittery glam accessories are perfect to stand out from the crowd with your sight-grabbing manicure. Reward yourself with a pampering manicure session and tint your nails with the most faddish nail polish collections from the market.