The mesmerizing world of nail art design constantly unveils new and innovative ways to update your manicure and the buzzword this summer 2012 season seems to be glamour unlimited. There are numerous ways to revamp the look of your manicure and give them an up-to-date style that will make traffic stop, all you need is the right source of inspiration and the perfect seasonal nail polish hues and the result will most definitely be worthy of a diva. The following glam nail art ideas for summer 2012 stand as the ultimate party nail art guide, so check out the fabulous patterns and try to recreate the looks or give them your own touch to create a totally new and totally you nail art design.

Regardless of you nail shape, as this year both pointy and square nails are super popular, you can choose to experiment with various designs, so give them all a try and find out which styles suit your personality best.

This summer season choose to play with warm hues that bring joy with their mesmerizing pigmentation, so choose to experiment with both neons and pretty pastels as they are all fabulous trendy colors. Go monochrome if you wish to underline simplicity and elegance or choose to mix and match your favorite hues to achieve an eclectic manicure that will make traffic stop and that give your digits an edgy allure to match your unique style. Animal prints inserted through a monochrome nail art style, oblique patterns, floral motifs and colored French tip manicures are super popular styles that are worth trying out, so display these motifs in your favorite nail lacquer and let your nails captivate all the attention.

Achieve the ultimate party manicure that ‘screams’ glamor and femininity by turning towards the help of glitzy-glam add-ons. There is an array of pretty nail art accessories that you can turn towards to give a more sophisticated allure to your nails without too much effort, and glitter and rhinestones are a perfect choice if you wish to make your digits stand out and look ultra sophisticated, so don’t worry about going too bold as this season nothing is too much.

You can display your fab mani in a simple hue or in a color mix pattern as either way the result achieved will be well within the trend borders and if you wish to give your nails a more flirty, fun yet chic twist with a little bit of a vintage allure, choose to give stylish polka dots a try. This is the easiest way to update your manicure as they can be created with absolutely any hue with the help of a dotting tool or toothpick, so mash-up your favorite patterns and colors to create the ultimate glam manicure this season!

Photos courtesy of Pinkmagic